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Submit an Application

Ensure that you answer ALL questions, any applications with missing information will be instantly declined. 
You must be in our Discord Server and have accepted the State Laws to Apply

We will check all applications to confirm that you are within our Discord and have accepted the rules before reviewing your application, if you have yet to join your Application will not be reviewed.


Character Back Story
Please be aware that your back story has to have a minimum of 150 words in order to be accepted & any ChatGPT or AI Generated back stories will instantly be declined.

Wild Frontier Roleplay Server Rules and Player Bans Policy:

  1. Server Administration Rights: Wild Frontier Roleplay reserves the sole and absolute right to administer and govern the server environment, including player conduct and adherence to the rules.

  2. Rule Enforcement Authority: The server administrators hold the authority to enforce the server's rules and regulations without exception.

  3. Player Conduct Agreement: By participating in Wild Frontier Roleplay, all players implicitly agree to abide by the server's rules and guidelines.

  4. Violation Consequences: Any player found in violation of the server rules may face appropriate consequences, including warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans.

  5. Fair and Just Enforcement: All player bans are subject to fair and unbiased evaluation by the server administration, ensuring consistent application of the rules.

  6. Zero Tolerance Offenses: Certain offenses, as determined by the server's rules, may result in an immediate and irreversible ban without prior warning.

  7. Discretionary Action: The server administration reserves the right to take immediate action against any player whose conduct threatens the server's integrity or community harmony, even if the offense is not explicitly outlined in the rules.

  8. Appeals Process: Players have the right to appeal a ban decision if they believe it was unjust or incorrect. The appeal process will be subject to review and reconsideration by the server administration.

  9. Updated Rules: The server administration may update the rules as needed to maintain a fair and enjoyable environment for all players. It is the players' responsibility to stay informed about these updates.

  10. Finality of Decisions: All decisions made by the server administration regarding player bans are final and cannot be contested beyond the established appeals process.

  11. Community Welfare: Player bans aim to ensure the welfare and enjoyment of the entire Wild Frontier Roleplay community, promoting a positive and welcoming atmosphere.

  12. Positive Gaming Experience: The primary goal of player bans is to foster a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable gaming experience for all players on Wild Frontier Roleplay.

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